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Technology is changing and improving with every passing day. With the changing times, our hunger for new and improved gambling experiences is increasing as well. Online casinos are rapidly increasing in number and that allows every player to have easy access to any game. With online casinos becoming popular, land-based casinos are losing their charm.

However, the one thing which isn’t losing its charm is skill-based casino games. They are appealing, creative, as well as captivating to the players. But such casino games are better understood by experienced players as they are aware of them. But for the new players or mediocre players, here is a complete guide to help you.

Understand the meaning of skilled-based casino games

These games are known to be games whose outcomes are totally dependent on the skills of the players instead of chance. The highest bet made by a player, the more are he wins. Game developers are known to create various scenarios that depend on various identifiers. Thus, they reward amazing payouts to every player. To conclude, this is the major difference between skilled-based casino games and other luck-based casino games.

However, as compared to luck-based casino games, skilled-based casino games are old and have been there for many years. But the online difference or change that has occurred is that skilled-based casino games are now available online.

Types of skilled-based casino games

Here are some of the types of skilled-based casino games:

  • Poker– this is a common skill-based casino game. It is available in various variants such as five-card draw, seven-card stud, Texas Hold’Em, etc. The main of this game is to ensure that you have the best hand or to convince others that you are the main player with the best hand. However, traditional poke game is different as compared to casino poker or video poker. In traditional poker, a player is competing against another player whereas in others the player is competing against the dealer. Moreover, video poker or casino poker is not counted as a skill-based casino game. While playing poker your level of skill should be 4/5.
  • Blackjack – it is a balanced game of chance as well as skill. Out of all skilled-based casino games, blackjack is the trickiest of all. It is somewhat similar to craps as the player doesn’t have any control over the outcome of the cards.  Also, blackjack is not a game that is played against the player. It is played against the dealer. The dealer has the main role of giving the cards to the players and later deciding who will hit or stick. Blackjack is all about beating the dealer.  You need some techniques to beat the dealer in this game such as card counting, hole carding, or shuffle tracking, etc. While playing blackjack your level of skill should be 3/5.
  • Craps– this casino game is known as a game of chance but the player requires some sort of skill. In craps, the player’s winning or losing is decided by the roll of a dice, bets that favor the house, or bets that offer amazing odds as compared to others.

Here are some of the bets that offer a house edge:

  • Pass/don’t pass
  • Pace 6 as well as place 8
  • Buy 4 as well as buy 10
  • Come/don’t come lines

If you are betting on any other casino game then you are losing your money in the long run. However, you can’t influence the dice roll. In this game, every player takes his turn to roll dice against the craps table. Every player has the chance to bet on the dice roll’s outcome. To play craps you need 1/5 level of skill.

  • Slot machines– as compared to traditional slots, skill-based slot machines need the use of tactics if you want to win something. This is also a game of betting as well as chance. In this game, the player is in full control to shoot or hit the target. Its RTP can be higher as compared to traditional slots. But this game is not for everyone as there are skills and chances involved. This might be a game for gamers than casino players.

Another difference between traditional slots and skilled-based slots is the RNG. Traditional slots are completely based on the RNG but skilled-based slots include game skills as well as RNG. To play skilled-based slots, a player needs to have a 2/5 level of skill.

Highly popular skilled-based casino games

The above-mentioned skilled-based casino games are not the only popular games. Here are some of the other games which you need to try right now:

  • Fantasy sports – it is a game where the player can create a team with his favorite athlete and can bet against the same players with the help of athlete’s statistics.
  • Bridge – it is a team card game that is similar to spades as well as whist. The skill required in this game is to bid on the tricks that you think your team can win.
  • Backgammon – in this game the player needs to use the dice to decide which move you need to make. It is a highly popular board game that involves gambling.
  • Checkers – this game is completely based on skills. The main motive of the game is to select your opponent’s pieces before they do that with you.
  • Dominoes – this skilled-based game can be played by people of every age. It is available in various variants and can be challenging for the players. Every variation of the game is separated into blocking games as well as scoring games.
  • Tonk – it is a card game and is related to rummy games. In this game, you need to get as many as points you can. This also depends on the value of your cards.
  • Scrabble and Boggle – these are word games that are highly popular in various tournaments as well.

Benefits of Skill-based casino games

  • First off, one doesn’t need to rely on merely luck and chance while playing new online casino games. In skill-based casino games, you can apply your skills and win the game without relying on chance.
  • Secondly, you can improve or hone your skills regularly. The more you play the better player you become over a period of time. These games will help you to make a strategy and execute it properly while playing the casino games that require skills.
  • Thirdly, players can decide their winning on their own. In these games, it’s all in the hands of players how to translate the game into success by applying the right and the best strategy.


Before indulging in any skilled-based game you need to have complete knowledge about it. The above-mentioned guide about skilled-based casino games will help you learn and play better. Every game is challenging and entertaining.

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