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Roulette is one of most famous games in the world of new online casinos 2017 which has attracted a majority of gamblers around the world because of the high possibility of the winning a game. However, the game offers overall a decent winning prospect, losing it is also a part of the game. Subsequently, in order to evade losing option more than winning, every player needs to understand how the betting process works. This is especially while playing the online Roulette as there are not many options available to guide players when they are playing at best online casinos. Online Roulette bets can be best implemented when players have completely understood the areas where one can place bets and their payouts.

Learn Online Roulette to Earn

Putting online Roulette bets blindly on any random numbers will require lots of good luck. But if the players know certain strategies then it can enhance the winning chances while playing at new casino sites UK . This game is all about making the correct calculations related to the odds built on the probability of numerous betting lines. However, the straight betting on a single number can pay the highest value of 35 times on a player’s bet. The probability is only 3% which can get the gamer under huge losses if they keep playing for long.

Roulette betting game offers numerous additional choices which are  way better than a straight bet.

More bets, Better Chances to Win

Bowling is one of the best example which can explain how online Roulette bets work in new gambling sites UK 2017. In bowling, hitting a single pin can be difficult as compared to hitting ten of them in one go, it is easy to hit them all down in one go. Likewise, when you place your betting chips on more than a single number, chances of the ball landing on the desired number in Roulette wheel is more probable. The split where the gamer can bet on two numbers has somewhat sturdier probabilities than straight with about 6% win probability. This increase while moving up the hierarchy on the betting lines.

Next, comes the technique with four numbers and with almost 11% probability. Top line bets will have five numbers followed by six numbers for the line. Finally, the dozen and column has 12 numbers but with over 32% probability. There will be decrease in payouts as the betting number increases but one can still make a good profitable amount.

Online Roulette Bets Outside Areas

There are almost three outside betting areas with a winning probability of about 50% which can be the highest. The payout in this is 1 to 1 on the bet, meaning players can earn up to 100% profit on their betting. Black or Red colors, high numbers from 19-36 or low from 1-18 or even-odd are the additional bets one can practice. These will help the players to stay on the winning end and it makes sense to place the highest value chips in this area. It is not possible to place online Roulette bets outside without doing an inside betting.

Get Ready to Try Your Luck

After understanding how above-mentioned strategies will work, no one can stop you from winning at any Roulette game. But to see how it actually works, it is always better to get a hang of it by betting with least possible chip value which the game allows. Once you know how it works and once you know the advantages of playing online Roulette games you will naturally get more confident but until then it is best not to gamble with huge amounts. King Jackpot Mobile Casino can be the best option to start getting a feel about the game!


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