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Do you have any idea about the build-in advantage of casino games that supports the house? Well, every online casino remains in the business and maintain their profits through build-in advantage in their games. However, casino players accomplish to win every time. The actual reason behind this is to choose the right kind of online casino games. Plus, every casino lover must be knowledgeable about the house edge or casino payout rates. This can be tricky but most of the casinos try to maintain the transparency with the players and offer them the statistics.

The statistics are very effective for the ardent casino lovers because of this way they are prepared to understand the casino payout comparative to the money spent by a certain player.

What is the meaning of payout rates?

For the players, it is essential to understand the real meaning of the payout rates. The payout ratio or rates can be identified as total money that the casino payout in comparison to the money spent by a particular player. This is an average rate which is why a player should consider it as a guess and not a definite amount. These rates can be applicable to casinos as well as the individual games.

casino payout rates

On the other hand, these payout rates are created to offer an idea to the players that what it is the probability of their winning. Plus, the players get an idea about how much sum they are going to win or lose in a specific casino game. For instance, if the payout percentage of a casino is 95% and the player has bet £10 on the casino game then there might be a chance for the player to win £9.50 back as an average.

Nevertheless, a person should never complicate these probabilities with ‘cashing out’.

What is the meaning of payout percentages?

The entire working process of a casino has only one motive which is to make money. However, when a player gambles and deposit some money, the casino is responsible to return a certain percentage to the winning player while keeping a certain percentage with themselves as a profit. This is the way every casino does business and remains in profit. Hence, a specific ratio of the deposit or gambled money given back to the winning player is known as payout percentage.

Only the best online casinos are known to publish their payout percentages on the sites which offer a rough idea to the player for its returns. On the contrary, one should not get flattered easily as the higher percentages do not define the online casino as best.

What are RTP percentages?

RTP or return to player percentages is a very beneficial indicator. These are mostly found for online casino slots. RTP percentages are somewhat similar to monthly payout percentages but the method to calculate them is by running simulations. Mostly the RTP percentages can be seen in the catalogs of casino game developers.

The customers or players can get the information related to RTP percentage via slot reviews, information pages on the casino websites. However, these are mere figures. The return to player percentages is considered over a long period of time.


The casino payout rates are very beneficial for the players to understand. Thus, before committing to an online casino understand the payout rates, payout percentages, and RTP percentages thoroughly.

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